Thursday, September 24, 2020

ATCoin Swap At StencilClub

 Hi everyone, I just participated in an ATCoin swap for our StencilGirl Products StencilClub Facebook group.  My partner received the coins that I made yesterday so I can share them with you now.  We were to create 3 ATCoins with the themes of angst, reflection and serenity.  (ATCoins, if you are not familiar, are similar to ATCs - Artist Trading Cards - but are circular with a diameter of 2 1/2").  Here are the coins I created with StencilGirl Products stencils (some StencilClub stencils and some that I already had in my stash from StencilGirl Products).

ATCoins For StencilGirl Club

I also made a little origami fold booklet to keep them in from some gel print papers.

ATCoin Origami Fold Book
ATCoin Origami Fold Book Back
ATCoin Origami Fold Book Inside

 And since the booklet had 4 pockets, I made an extra ATCoin to fill it up.  It was on a slightly Halloweenish theme but since I didn't know my swap partners preferences I didn't go too overboard!

Quoth The Raven ATCoin

 Here are closeups of the three themed ATCoins, the first is angst which gave me angst because I couldn't figure out what to do for it!  Finally I decided to add numbers representing the things that are causing me angst these days, putting them in the crosshairs as it were.

Angst ATCoin

The Reflection ATCoin came easily as one of the August StencilClub stencils has this lovely profile on it and it seemed perfect for the theme.  I photocopied some dictionary paper, flipping one copy, and stenciled the profiles onto each side, trying to keep them even.  The word reflection was then flipped as well on the computer to finish it off.

Reflection ATCoin

 And finally, the Serenity ATCoin.  Nature is my place of refuge and serenity so that became the basis for my design.

Serenity ATCoin

After putting my parcel together I decided that I couldn't send it naked through the mail so I stenciled some kraft butcher's paper with more StencilGirl stencils to pretty it up.

Stenciled Wrapping Paper

 Hope you've enjoyed seeing my ATCoins, I haven't received mine from my swap partner yet but hope they will be here soon so I can share them with you.  Thanks as always for stopping by today and happy creating,

Deb xo

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  1. Your coins are wonderful! I’m drawn more to the coins than the original ATCs. I suppose it’s their circular shape that draws me in. And what a great booklet to keep the collection in. I love that idea!


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